I’m always learning new stuff. Stuff about productivity, getting stuff done, that kind of stuff.

For the past couple of years I've been obsessed with hacking my mindset. I've explored ways to produce more stuff, to be more efficient with my time, and I've even explored things like meditation, affirmations and other weirder stuff like that. I share it all on here.

Latest podcast about mindset

Episode #113 - The Myth of “I haven’t got enough time”


I’ve spent over 12 years in the marketing world. I’ve got a lot of knowledge, and I’m sharing it all with you.

I've seen the marketing world change completely in the past 12 years, and I'm constantly learning new and more effective ways of doing marketing. I freely share everything I'm learning here.

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Episode #135 - Don’t ignore this episode: I need your feedback


I’m creative director at a design agency. I’ve been that since 2010. I know design. Here’s everything I know.

Design is where I started in the marketing world over 12 years ago, and it's the thing I've been doing the longest throughout my entire career. I've been everything from a graphic designer, a web designer, and now a creative director.

Latest podcast about design

Episode #93 - Don’t Deviate Because One Person Doesn’t Like You